A Special Touch for the Special Day

With spring in full swing, wedding season is upon us. Whether wedding invitations are flooding through your letterbox or you’re preparing for your own big day, a special something from Venus with Love will be the perfect way to remember the occasion. We’ve pulled together some stunning gift ideas to give you a little inspiration, so you can focus your time and energy on other aspects of the wedding, such as finding that head-turning outfit or creating a music playlist that’s sure to get people on the dance floor. For the Bride If you’re on the guest list, you’re sure to be searching far and wide for a unique gift… Read more »

Coachella Rocks!

So the Festival Season has not officially landed UK side, but across the pond they are in full swing with Coachella Festival in California ending on the 19th April. Coachella, is undoubtedly the mother all Festivals and it usually paves the way for the future trends here later in the year. This year there is a lot of what we have seen in previous years, in terms of Romper/jumpsuits, cut off denims (but any length goes ala Kendall J) and there’s still a definite laidback beach vibe. The floral daisy accessories for the hair seem to have disappeared and it is all about face jewels this season.  Many are going… Read more »

Spread the Locket Love……!

How many of your friends and family love sparkles from Venus? Have you had your VWL jewellery admired on many occasions?  Have you thought long and hard about what you would want from VWL but not quite bought yet? Well our “Spread the Locket Love” campaign could just be for you!  Whether you are an existing customer longing to add to your collection or someone who has admired us from afar….. We want you to spread some VWL love. We have launched some amazing new charms that needed an entire new category called Family and Friends. We have some amazing charms that can be split amongst lockets, the key… Read more »

Favourite Mum Phrases…..

So you’re a Mum, to one or to many and you think you are the only one that says certain phrases.  The truth is, it is probably saying that our Mums’ said to us and their Mums’ said to them, in fact it would be interesting to know which generation introduced some of these beauties!  Here are our top 28 favourites…. Do you think I’m made of money? – We’ve all said it.  Don’t sit too close to the television; it’ll ruin your eyes. – Or make them square Don’t talk with your mouth full! – Why do they choose to chatter when eating?! Eat all of your vegetables, they’re good… Read more »

A Salute to Mums and to Constance Adelaide Smith…..

  We know that those of us who are lucky enough to have a Mother active in our lives, that the woman is someone whom we hold dear to our hearts and with such a high regard. Often the role or job of a mum can be nonstop and usually unpaid with seemingly little or no down time at all.  Whether the mother of an infant or adult, the worry, hopes and fears that a mother carries for her offspring is unwavering and her love is unconditional. Mothering Sunday is that one day of the year that allows Mothers to have a day off and to be celebrated for providing not… Read more »

26 Things Drunk Gals Do or Think on a Night Out…

1. OH-EM-GEEZE, I look like a right heifer in this outfit; NAAAAT HAPPY! But no worries, I’ll totes get drunk and it’ll be dark in the club, anywayz. 2. I probs shouldn’t drink a bottle of wine before I go out but this whole bottle costs less than one drink from the club; I’m just being financially friendly, obvs! 3. Eeeek, taxi is here; I may as well reapply my foundation for the 8th time already before I get in; apparently a waxwork of Mickey Rouke is exactly what I’m going for in my drunken state. 4. “Taxi Driver, please can you turn the radio up!” Cue 30 mins of… Read more »