26 Things Drunk Gals Do or Think on a Night Out…

1. OH-EM-GEEZE, I look like a right heifer in this outfit; NAAAAT HAPPY! But no worries, I’ll totes get drunk and it’ll be dark in the club, anywayz. 2. I probs shouldn’t drink a bottle of wine before I go out but this whole bottle costs less than one drink from the club; I’m just being financially friendly, obvs! 3. Eeeek, taxi is here; I may as well reapply my foundation for the 8th time already before I get in; apparently a waxwork of Mickey Rouke is exactly what I’m going for in my drunken state. 4. “Taxi Driver, please can you turn the radio up!” Cue 30 mins of… Read more »

15 Jewellery Things That Late Nineties/ Early Noughties Girls Will Recall… and Shudder!

1. When your mood ring was black, it automatically gave you a free pass to be a moody bitch all day. 2. The absolute outcry of controversy when Victoria Beckham wore a fake lip ring whilst performing “Out of your Mind” with the songbird of our generation, Dane Bowers. 3. Being outraged because your mum wouldn’t let you have a tooth gem which in hindsight, totes looked like a piece of food stuck to your tooth from a distance; how beaut?! 4. If your BFF wasn’t wearing her half of the heart pendant engraved with “Best Friends” you knew shit wasn’t right (awkward smiley face). 5. When your boy crush came… Read more »