Should our baby’s gender reveal be a big deal?

With much of the UK waiting with anticipation for news of the newest Royal Baby, the question in most people’s mind is whether Kate and William are having a boy or girl.

It is only relatively recently we have the luxury of finding out our baby’s gender, in years gone by relatives had to sit anxiously by the telephone for news after the newborn’s arrival. Increasingly it seems most people opt to know, we seem to be a generation who has to be in control and prepared.

Finding out the gender in a scan is a much anticipated routine nowadays and if you are lucky you may be able to have your mum or someone close to you on top of your significant other, when you are told the exciting news.  The ultrascan technician (someone who may be a complete stranger, whom you may never meet again) has the extremely important role of delivering the news and if I am honest there are not many videos or photos of the parents’ reaction when the news is shared.  So are we missing a trick?  Should we be having a gender reveal party like they do in the USA to capture the special moment?  We have pretty embraced the Baby Shower idea and happily participated in such a trend, so is this the next big thing?  Should it be a big deal for the gender reveal?

Famous parents such as Guiliana & Bill Rancic have played host to such a day.  Their invitations said— “Blue or Pink: What Do You Think?” they revealed the gender of their little boy Duke in the party celebrated with close friends and family.

Some couples in America have the ultrasound technician write the child’s sex on a slip of paper that is placed in an envelope. It’s then dropped off at a bakery where a cake is baked in the appropriate colour and iced to hide the news. When the parents-to-be cut into the cake, they learn about their future offspring. The idea gained national attention when Josh and Anna Duggar cut into a pink cake on the Today Show to learn that they were having a girl. The concept is gaining momentum as more couples opt to hold soirees to celebrate their impending offspring.  Instead of the news being imparted by a complete stranger, you find out the news in the comfort of your own home at exactly the same time as your loved ones do, all captured for memory and keepsake.

Plenty of companies in the UK are supporting this new celebration too and below are just some supplies you can purchase to make your party go with a bang

So what do we think?  Is this something the UK will embrace or was the Baby Shower as far as we go…..?












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