Psst! We’ll let you in on a little Secret….

I have always suffered from dark circles around my eyes.  It’s hereditary.  Full Stop.  I have tried every lotion and potion under the sun, cucumber on eyes, you name I probably have done it.  One magical cure cost no less than £95 once (I kid you not).  I am a little (well a lot) older now and certainly a heck of a lot wiser to not fall for these overpromising marketing headlines and succumb to cleverly retailed products.  I now accept, that the skin is thin and delicate around the eye and the circles are no more than blood vessels that are visible through translucent skin.  No sleeping marathon, cucumbers or magic potions can change what I was given by the parentals.

Now, I have always been a huge YSL Touch Eclate fan and I use everyday religiously to ward off those pesky circles, but it is expensive and doesn’t last that long and reapplication is required.  It is true that a Touché Eclat pen is sold every few seconds and it is easy to understand why this quick fix is a staple in thousands of women’s make up bags.


However….I have just discovered another amazing product and I am pleased to say that I am like that cat that got the cream, not the lady who wrongly purchased overpriced cream – for once!

Step forward this ingenious product from Mii Cosmetics.  The stunning Olivia Palermo swears by it (if it good enough for OP it is good enough for us  mere mortals).

The Miracle Colour corrector is a tiny little tub of wonderfulness.  The pot is tiny, we agree but the contents (green cream), used sparingly, should last you a reasonable time.  Simply dab over reddened/dark areas before applying base make up.  It really is an amazing product and it provides a natural look all day.  Granted, I still used my Touché Éclat to provide the shimmery coverage to illuminate and reflect, but the Mii wonder concealer did the work in disguising the pesky dark circles.

I bought mine online and there are various retailers you can purchase from around £15.00 including delivery.

So there you have it ladies for those of you with the panda eyes like me, a genuine must have.

Thank us for it later!




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