Coachella Rocks!

So the Festival Season has not officially landed UK side, but across the pond they are in full swing with Coachella Festival in California ending on the 19th April.

Coachella, is undoubtedly the mother all Festivals and it usually paves the way for the future trends here later in the year.

This year there is a lot of what we have seen in previous years, in terms of Romper/jumpsuits, cut off denims (but any length goes ala Kendall J) and there’s still a definite laidback beach vibe.

The floral daisy accessories for the hair seem to have disappeared and it is all about face jewels this season.  Many are going for some colourful hair ala Kylie Jenner who was seen sporting bright blue tresses at the Festival.  Hair styling is again, relaxed beach waves or some funky braiding or plaits.

It seems crochet outfits are still quite popular but probably a little less than we have seen previously.  There is a definite Cowboy and Indian vibe with Desert Boots, fringing and tassels on outfits and bags featured heavily.  In keeping with this theme, feathers are also prominent with floaty Boho style earrings and on trend chunky cuffs for wrists.

Laid back maxi dresses and Kaftans team with wide brimmed hats are popular again this year, with pretty much any colour going.

Grazia have done a fantastic list of the Top 20 essentials to buy.  We have to admit we absolutely love the colorful blue Jumpsuit, would look ah-maz-ing with a tan when rocking out this Summer.

Long non fussy necklaces are on trend we have an amazing selection of Pic ‘n’ Mix lockets that would fit the bill

Below are just some charms that we this would rock in your v locket this Summer (all just £3 each!) add some colourful accents stone (5 for £1.50) to brighten up locket.

Festival charms


So kids, here’s to the upcoming Festivals, let’s hope we get a piece of that L.A sunshine hey?









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