Psst! We’ll let you in on a little Secret….

I have always suffered from dark circles around my eyes.  It’s hereditary.  Full Stop.  I have tried every lotion and potion under the sun, cucumber on eyes, you name I probably have done it.  One magical cure cost no less than £95 once (I kid you not).  I am a little (well a lot) older now and certainly a heck of a lot wiser to not fall for these overpromising marketing headlines and succumb to cleverly retailed products.  I now accept, that the skin is thin and delicate around the eye and the circles are no more than blood vessels that are visible through translucent skin.  No sleeping marathon, cucumbers or… Read more »

Be Bold, Be Beautiful…

Last season seemed to be about fine and delicate jewellery.  Thin chains hanging softly in the nape of the neck, with a little wishbone or initial that was small and very understated. Chunky tribal jewellery seems to be a huge hit this Summer.  Bright neon colours have been around for a while and are pretty much a staple of the Summer wardrobe, but this year it is not just the nails that are sporting these bold colours, it is a statement jewellery piece. Bib or choker style necklaces are nothing new, but add the 2 together and you have something special.  It can turn the dowdiest of outfits into something spectacular…. Read more »

We’ve got a charm for that!

So here at VWL we are all about making your jewellery as unique and customized as possible.  You may have heard the old “we’ve got an app for that”, well here at VWL HQ we like to say “we’ve got a charm for that!” Here are just some of the occasions, special interests we can cater for. Are you or a friend in the beauty industry? Well, we have a super cute pair of scissors, mini nail varnish and lipstick.  Or why not use all three? Know a dancer?  No problems we have a teeny tiny tutu dress and some ballet shoes, or a music note (which… Read more »

Spread the Locket Love……!

How many of your friends and family love sparkles from Venus? Have you had your VWL jewellery admired on many occasions?  Have you thought long and hard about what you would want from VWL but not quite bought yet? Well our “Spread the Locket Love” campaign could just be for you!  Whether you are an existing customer longing to add to your collection or someone who has admired us from afar….. We want you to spread some VWL love. We have launched some amazing new charms that needed an entire new category called Family and Friends. We have some amazing charms that can be split amongst lockets, the key… Read more »

Diamonds they adorn, they’re the April born!

Well not a bad time of year to land on this planet hey? Spring has most definitely sprung, Easter may fall in this month (with the bonus of a public holiday weekend) and the clocks have sprung forward meaning lighter nights, a spring in our step and Summer on the near horizon. You are not only blessed with the time of year, but your birthstone.  The Diamond needs no introduction, as a woman’s best friend, it’s simple and elegant sparkle catches the eye of most. Our Lockets look simply stunning with an April birthstone teamed with clear accents, they truly do make the locket more bling as it catches the… Read more »

A Salute to Mums and to Constance Adelaide Smith…..

  We know that those of us who are lucky enough to have a Mother active in our lives, that the woman is someone whom we hold dear to our hearts and with such a high regard. Often the role or job of a mum can be nonstop and usually unpaid with seemingly little or no down time at all.  Whether the mother of an infant or adult, the worry, hopes and fears that a mother carries for her offspring is unwavering and her love is unconditional. Mothering Sunday is that one day of the year that allows Mothers to have a day off and to be celebrated for providing not… Read more »

Accessorising Masterclass 101 with Nicole Ritchie

So we all have that fashion muse right?  You know the one who looks effortlessly magical in pretty much any ensemble they wear.  Whilst I am a huge fan of VB with her structured lines and elegant style, I do have to admit I lean towards the more urban chic meets Boho look. Having not really been a fan of the “Simple Life” with Paris and Nicole, at that time I’d never believed that either would ever serve as my ‘fashion icon’. Then…please step forward Nicole Ritchie. Rumours were rife that her new effortless Boho glamour was masterminded by one lady – Rachel Zoe.  Apparently this Fashionista had a harem… Read more »