Sian Harrison

Here’s How Much Salary Each US State Spends On An Engagement Ring

How much should you spend on an engagement ring?  IS it one month’s salary, or maybe three? Donald Trump splashed out $2,000,000 on Melania’s engagement ring, dwarfed only by Jay Z’s romantic gift of $5,000,000 to his wife, Beyonce! To help you understand whether you’re spending too much or too little, Venuswithlove have looked at how much men in each US state spend on an engagement ring and how many month’s salary that equates to.   Nevada men are the nation’s highest spenders, splashing out an average of $9,523 for an engagement ring, closely followed by guys from Washington and Minnesota. The top spending states are: State Cost Nevada $      … Read more »

Psst! We’ll let you in on a little Secret….

I have always suffered from dark circles around my eyes.  It’s hereditary.  Full Stop.  I have tried every lotion and potion under the sun, cucumber on eyes, you name I probably have done it.  One magical cure cost no less than £95 once (I kid you not).  I am a little (well a lot) older now and certainly a heck of a lot wiser to not fall for these overpromising marketing headlines and succumb to cleverly retailed products.  I now accept, that the skin is thin and delicate around the eye and the circles are no more than blood vessels that are visible through translucent skin.  No sleeping marathon, cucumbers or… Read more »

Tan Happy……

So holiday season is well and truly upon us.  Some of us may have already to visit a sunny white isle, others are on the countdown.  Not to mention the nice ‘couple’ of days we have had in the UK. As annoying as it is (purely as we know tanning is not the best for you!) most of us look better with a tan.  If I had a pound for every time someone said I ‘looked well’ post a bit of sun, I’d be rich (ok, I’d be able to put that money towards therapy for realising I look unwell the majority of the year). Fake tans are getting better… Read more »

Be Bold, Be Beautiful…

Last season seemed to be about fine and delicate jewellery.  Thin chains hanging softly in the nape of the neck, with a little wishbone or initial that was small and very understated. Chunky tribal jewellery seems to be a huge hit this Summer.  Bright neon colours have been around for a while and are pretty much a staple of the Summer wardrobe, but this year it is not just the nails that are sporting these bold colours, it is a statement jewellery piece. Bib or choker style necklaces are nothing new, but add the 2 together and you have something special.  It can turn the dowdiest of outfits into something spectacular…. Read more »

5 home DIY Jewellery storage hacks…..

Children are pesky little people.  I’ve lost count of the amount of times that I’ve found my missing earring in the polar bear money box or my necklace hiding in the doll’s house bath.  Keeping your precious items can be tough at the best of times, but it’s necessary – the problem is, who really has the money to buy a shop one, where’s the fun in that. Keeping it safe and secure doesn’t have to be boring, here we’re going to look at some of the quirkiest storage solutions that you can do at home.  So get your craft kit at the ready… Cheese Grater Buy a tester pot… Read more »

We’ve got a charm for that!

So here at VWL we are all about making your jewellery as unique and customized as possible.  You may have heard the old “we’ve got an app for that”, well here at VWL HQ we like to say “we’ve got a charm for that!” Here are just some of the occasions, special interests we can cater for. Are you or a friend in the beauty industry? Well, we have a super cute pair of scissors, mini nail varnish and lipstick.  Or why not use all three? Know a dancer?  No problems we have a teeny tiny tutu dress and some ballet shoes, or a music note (which… Read more »

Nail Candy

Nail Candy Painted talons are nothing new.  Over the years we have pretty much seen it all, from oval shaped to square tips, to painted cuticles to nude, pastel and neon shades. Over the past few years we have seen a huge shift from extensions with acrylics or gel overlay to those of us wanted the longevity of acrylic but on coloured nails.  The introduction of shellac and gel nails was a revolutionary one and we have not really looked back. It is so easy to add glitter, diamonds and other nail art; it is cost effective and lasts too.  So whether it is for your special day or for… Read more »

A Special Touch for the Special Day

With spring in full swing, wedding season is upon us. Whether wedding invitations are flooding through your letterbox or you’re preparing for your own big day, a special something from Venus with Love will be the perfect way to remember the occasion. We’ve pulled together some stunning gift ideas to give you a little inspiration, so you can focus your time and energy on other aspects of the wedding, such as finding that head-turning outfit or creating a music playlist that’s sure to get people on the dance floor. For the Bride If you’re on the guest list, you’re sure to be searching far and wide for a unique gift… Read more »

Should our baby’s gender reveal be a big deal?

With much of the UK waiting with anticipation for news of the newest Royal Baby, the question in most people’s mind is whether Kate and William are having a boy or girl. It is only relatively recently we have the luxury of finding out our baby’s gender, in years gone by relatives had to sit anxiously by the telephone for news after the newborn’s arrival. Increasingly it seems most people opt to know, we seem to be a generation who has to be in control and prepared. Finding out the gender in a scan is a much anticipated routine nowadays and if you are lucky you may be able to… Read more »

Coachella Rocks!

So the Festival Season has not officially landed UK side, but across the pond they are in full swing with Coachella Festival in California ending on the 19th April. Coachella, is undoubtedly the mother all Festivals and it usually paves the way for the future trends here later in the year. This year there is a lot of what we have seen in previous years, in terms of Romper/jumpsuits, cut off denims (but any length goes ala Kendall J) and there’s still a definite laidback beach vibe. The floral daisy accessories for the hair seem to have disappeared and it is all about face jewels this season.  Many are going… Read more »