5 home DIY Jewellery storage hacks…..

Children are pesky little people.  I’ve lost count of the amount of times that I’ve found my missing earring in the polar bear money box or my necklace hiding in the doll’s house bath.  Keeping your precious items can be tough at the best of times, but it’s necessary – the problem is, who really has the money to buy a shop one, where’s the fun in that.

Keeping it safe and secure doesn’t have to be boring, here we’re going to look at some of the quirkiest storage solutions that you can do at home.  So get your craft kit at the ready…

  1. Cheese Grater

blog 1

Buy a tester pot from homebase or B&Q and then paint a cheese grater that’s on its way out, glue some coat hooks under the bottom to give it some elevation and boom, you’re Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen.  Sort of.

  1. Cup in a drawer

blog 2 drawer

Do you have a drawer? Great, you’re ready.  Go to the local charity shop and buy a selection of china cups that take your fancy, then simply place them in your drawer, over a piece of material for stability, and divide your items as you wish.  Now I hope you saved a cup to have a brew?!?

  1. Tree of life

Blog 3

This is a really clever way to give yourself a natural storage solution that Charlie Dimmock would be proud of.  Your first job is to find a tree in your garden or buy one at a home and living shop, then simply paint it (using the left over tester pot) a colour to match your bedroom.  Once it’s dry you can place it in a nice plant pot and voila – go hug a tree, sister.

  1. Wine in a box

blog 4 wine

Before you throw out your box of wine (wait, a box?!?) out of the house, you could have yourself a shabby chic masterpiece of a storage solution.  To create this you need to remove the lid and simply glue two bottles of your choice to the bottom of the box.  Now you can leave it rustic or paint it shabby colour of your fancy.  Now it’s win o’clock – wait, best keep to water.


  1. Dress to impress

blog 5 dress

So you’ve read this entire post and realised you’re not the DIY type?  No worries – go and buy this fancy dress storage solution that you can hang in your wardrobe.  I did.



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