March 2015

Favourite Mum Phrases…..

So you’re a Mum, to one or to many and you think you are the only one that says certain phrases.  The truth is, it is probably saying that our Mums’ said to us and their Mums’ said to them, in fact it would be interesting to know which generation introduced some of these beauties!  Here are our top 28 favourites…. Do you think I’m made of money? – We’ve all said it.  Don’t sit too close to the television; it’ll ruin your eyes. – Or make them square Don’t talk with your mouth full! – Why do they choose to chatter when eating?! Eat all of your vegetables, they’re good… Read more »

Diamonds they adorn, they’re the April born!

Well not a bad time of year to land on this planet hey? Spring has most definitely sprung, Easter may fall in this month (with the bonus of a public holiday weekend) and the clocks have sprung forward meaning lighter nights, a spring in our step and Summer on the near horizon. You are not only blessed with the time of year, but your birthstone.  The Diamond needs no introduction, as a woman’s best friend, it’s simple and elegant sparkle catches the eye of most. Our Lockets look simply stunning with an April birthstone teamed with clear accents, they truly do make the locket more bling as it catches the… Read more »

How to survive the Chocolate indulgence this Easter

So it is nearly that time of year again, where the fluffy, big eared bunny of generosity leaves our little ones a seemingly never ending supply of chocolate. The thing about Easter (as with any other Public holiday) it is about spending quality time with those nearest to us and let’s face it, a bit of Spring sunshine doesn’t go amiss! Here at Venus with Love we have put or heads together with ideas how to make Easter not just all about the sugary brown stuff! Hidden Clues: Don’t just let your children meander across their mountain of chocolate.  Let them wake up to clues, that  leads to another clue,… Read more »