February 2015

A Salute to Mums and to Constance Adelaide Smith…..

  We know that those of us who are lucky enough to have a Mother active in our lives, that the woman is someone whom we hold dear to our hearts and with such a high regard. Often the role or job of a mum can be nonstop and usually unpaid with seemingly little or no down time at all.  Whether the mother of an infant or adult, the worry, hopes and fears that a mother carries for her offspring is unwavering and her love is unconditional. Mothering Sunday is that one day of the year that allows Mothers to have a day off and to be celebrated for providing not… Read more »

Accessorising Masterclass 101 with Nicole Ritchie

So we all have that fashion muse right?  You know the one who looks effortlessly magical in pretty much any ensemble they wear.  Whilst I am a huge fan of VB with her structured lines and elegant style, I do have to admit I lean towards the more urban chic meets Boho look. Having not really been a fan of the “Simple Life” with Paris and Nicole, at that time I’d never believed that either would ever serve as my ‘fashion icon’. Then…please step forward Nicole Ritchie. Rumours were rife that her new effortless Boho glamour was masterminded by one lady – Rachel Zoe.  Apparently this Fashionista had a harem… Read more »

February; The Shortest and Sweetest Month (Even if You are Single, Obvz)

Feb is a short and sweet month, right?  With 28 days this year and 29 each leap year (totes learnt from the “30 days have September…” mantra that was drilled into us at school), it flieeeeees by! And obvs, it is totally sweet because it celebrates Valentine’s Day and you can either receive gifts off a loved one or indulge in gifts for yourself. Either way, we will all be doing the same thing, which is watching Fifty Shades of Grey whilst wearing our brand new garments… often jewellery around Val’s Day? Soooooo, above is the February V.Locket (cue rave product review) which is stupendously cute, right?  Not only is… Read more »

26 Things Drunk Gals Do or Think on a Night Out…

1. OH-EM-GEEZE, I look like a right heifer in this outfit; NAAAAT HAPPY! But no worries, I’ll totes get drunk and it’ll be dark in the club, anywayz. 2. I probs shouldn’t drink a bottle of wine before I go out but this whole bottle costs less than one drink from the club; I’m just being financially friendly, obvs! 3. Eeeek, taxi is here; I may as well reapply my foundation for the 8th time already before I get in; apparently a waxwork of Mickey Rouke is exactly what I’m going for in my drunken state. 4. “Taxi Driver, please can you turn the radio up!” Cue 30 mins of… Read more »